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10 Camping Hacks that Will Make Your Trips Better

By Out-of-Doors Mart on July 31st, 2019 in RV, Travel Trailer, Travel Trailers

Camping is one of those things you continue to get better at, the more you do it. Each camping trip will make you a better camper, especially after learning valuable lessons through hardships. Because necessity is indeed the mother of invention, seasoned campers have come up with some pretty amazing hacks that can help new campers learn the ropes and avoid some of the inconveniences they have experienced. Some of these are especially helpful for used RVs in Greensboro that may need a few adjustments or some sprucing up. 


  • Command hooks/Velcro. Command brand adhesive products are a convenient way to mount things to the walls of your RV. Hooks and Velcro allow for better organization and secure items while the camper is moving. 
  • Silica gel packets. Do you know those little packets that say “Do not eat” that come in packages for moisture control? Start saving them and put them all around your camper, in drawers, cabinets, storage bins, and everywhere they can be stashed. They conveniently absorb moisture, keeping the dampness at bay. But be sure to keep them out of reach of pets and children. 
  • Outdoor paper towel holder. Get one of those garden flag stakes you’d put in the front flower bed of your home, mount it in the ground near your picnic table or cooking area, and stick a roll of paper towels on it where the flag would go. 
  • Tension curtain rods/shower curtain rods. Use the shower curtain rod for a coat hanging rod. Use smaller curtain rods inside of cabinets and refrigerator doors so that items that have shifted during transit won’t spill out as soon as you open the door. 
  • Door hanging shoe organizer. Hang it on the back of closet or pantry doors and fill each pocket with spices, condiment packets, eating utensils, and other small necessities.
  • Small LED lights. Attach them using command strip adhesive or poster putty in all the places where a little extra light is needed, like inside cabinets and over counters. 
  • Clear storage bins. Camping often necessitates putting function over style, and clear storage bins make it easy to see exactly what’s in each container to make things easier to find. 
  • Glow in the dark tape. Put it anywhere you may need some extra help seeing at night, such as camper steps and door handles.
  • Use can Koozies to protect the glass. Wine bottles, wine glasses, and any other glasses can be protected using Koozies. Cut the bottom out if necessary and slide over bottles or glasses to keep them from banging together and breaking during travel.
  • Irish Spring Soap for pest control. Keep mice and other rodents out of your RV by stashing a bar or two of Irish Spring soap inside. It will also keep your camper smelling fresh. 


New Campers Can Save Money by Buying Used RVs in Greensboro

When you’re trying out RV camping for the first time, you may not know what to expect. If you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to the price tag of a brand new RV, consider looking at used RVs in Greensboro for that first trip. Out of Doors Mart has an extensive inventory of used RVs to get you equipped for your first camping trip. Call (336) 993-4518 or visit 8510 Norcross Road in Colfax, NC.

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