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5 Things you Shouldn’t Bring on your RV Trip

By Out-of-Doors Mart on August 25th, 2018 in Tips

Taking an RV trip soon? There are many lists of things you should be sure to bring when going on an RV camping trip. Here are 5 things you should not bring on an RV trip. And before you go, visit Out of Doors Mart RV dealers in NC to find great deals on new and used RVs. Whether you’re buying your first one or looking to upgrade, there’s plenty of inventory available.  

  1. Too Many Clothes. Bring just enough clothing to stay warm and dry. Camping is not a fashion show. It is not necessary to have multiple outfit options for each day of the trip. Bring just what you need and expect that you will get dirty.  
  2. Everything in the Kitchen but the Kitchen Sink. You don’t need every cooking utensil you own just for camp cooking. Bring a few medium sized pans and a spoon or two. Plan meals that don’t require a lot of kitchen gadgets to prepare. This isn’t the time to bring your double-boiler, rice cooker, stand mixer, or anything like that.  
  3. A Large Tow Vehicle. Towing along a vehicle you can use to get around once your RV is parked is a good idea. But make it something small that is lighter to tow. Don’t pull a huge SUV or a Jeep with heavy tires that will only add extra weight to your RV and kill your gas mileage.  
  4. Firewood. It may be tempting to bring along your own firewood. You probably want to avoid the cost of purchasing wood from the camp store, but the weight and bulk of it really isn’t worth it. Either buy firewood at the campground or collect your own from the woods around your site.  
  5. Too Much Food. You don’t want anyone to go hungry, but there comes a point where the amount of food is excessive. Food is heavy and takes up space. Food that needs to be kept cold requires a cooler to keep it fresh, and coolers are also heavy and bulky. Limit cold food to one cooler. Depending on where you’re camping, you’ll likely have a grocery store nearby that you can visit in a pinch. Plan meals and snacks but don’t overdo it.  

It can be tempting to overpack, especially if you are new to RV camping. There is a learning curve that comes with camping and the more experience you have the better you will be at packing.  

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