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5 Vehicle Emergencies in the RV and What to Do

By Out-of-Doors Mart on January 20th, 2020 in RV

5 Vehicle Emergencies in the RV and What to DoEven the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. While you’re on the road in your RV, an emergency could occur. But being prepared goes a long way toward turning vehicle emergencies into just a minor inconvenience. Here’s some advice from a top RV Dealer in Greensboro, NC for handling emergencies while out on the road. 

Flat Tire

Whether it blows when you’re driving down the road or you wake up in the morning to a flat tire, it’s unfortunate. But luckily this one is usually a pretty easy fix. 

What to Do:

If it’s just a slow leak like a nail in the tire, you can probably inflate it using a portable compressor and drive to a tire repair center to get it patched. If the damage is too extensive, you might need to put a spare tire on until you can buy a new tire. Make sure you always have a spare tire for each type of tire you have and a portable compressor or tire inflator with you. If you don’t have these items, you may need to call for roadside assistance.

Dead Battery

If your vehicle won’t start, often a dead battery is the culprit. When the engine doesn’t even try to turn over and no dashboard lights come on, it’s likely the battery. 

What to Do:

Sometimes it’s not the battery itself but the terminal connection. Corrosion can build upon and around these connections preventing power from getting through. A battery terminal cleaner is a handy product to have on hand. It clears away the corrosion and rust so that the leads can reconnect cleanly. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may have an actual dead battery. A fellow RV owner may be able to offer you a jump so that you can go get a new battery. Otherwise, you can call for roadside service. 


Another common problem is engine overheating, which can happen in extremely hot weather. 

What to Do:

First, check your oil and coolant levels. If either is low, you can refill them. However, if you’re leaking oil or coolant, this may not solve the problem. If after refilling these, the same problem occurs, it would be best to have your RV serviced.

Engine Trouble.

If you’re still having engine trouble that is unrelated to the battery or temperature, there may be a mechanical issue. 

What to Do:

Unless you’re an RV mechanic or you have a lot of experience working on RV engines, seeking professional RV service is probably your best option here. If it won’t run at all, you may have to call for a tow to the nearest RV service center. If you’re in need of an RV repair and you’re in the area, Out of Doors Mart, RV dealer in  Greensboro, NC, has an excellent service department. 


You hope you never have to face this situation, but there’s always a possibility that you could be involved in an accident with your RV. 

What to Do:

The severity of the situation determines what you should do here. If it’s a minor fender bender, simply pullover with the other party and call the police to make a report, exchange insurance information with the other party, and file a claim if necessary. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately.

Get What you Need for Emergencies from your RV dealer in Greensboro, NC

Being prepared for vehicle emergencies requires just a few extra accessories such as tire repair kits and spare tires. You can purchase these items before your trip from Out of Doors Mart RV dealer in Greensboro, NC. Visit 8510 Norcross Road in Colfax, NC to get geared up with emergency items for your RV. 

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