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Airstream for Sale: The Luxurious Travel Trailer

By Out-of-Doors Mart on November 3rd, 2015 in Tips

More people are looking for an airstream for sale today than ever before. One reason is that it has been widely publicized that Airstream trailers are popular with the rich and famous. Matthew McConaughey has had multiple Airstreams and travels with his wife and kids and the newly divorced, Miranda Lambert,owned an Airstream Song.

Apart from the stars that own Airstream trailers, few people know that the Airstream trailers have been used for decades by NASA to transport astronauts to the launch pad or that the Airstream travel trailers are also used to transport American officials around the world.

What is so special about the Airstream? One word – Q U A L I T Y. Airstream travel trailers set the benchmark for stylish, high-quality travel trailers. Because of their attention to details, Airstream trailers are known to provide decades of trouble-free service. The Airstream trailers that are used by the US Air Force feature leather seats, porcelain toilets, LED televisions, surround sound, and blu-ray players, as well as air conditioning and climate control. All current Airstream models now have ultra leather, ducted heat and air, tuner trays, blu tooth, and surround sound.

While the Airstream travel trailers are instantly identifiable by the unique, aluminum shaped bodies, it’s not just about being “cute”. The body design was created to reduce wind resistance and, by reducing wind resistance, fuel efficiency improved between 10 to 20% over that of other travel trailers. And, while other travel trailers may only get about 15 years of life, the Airstream trailer is just getting warmed up at 15, with the average life of an Airstream being 30 to 45 years. Some owners even brag that their Airstream will “out live” the owners.

Unlike other travel trailers for sale, with cabinets made of pressboard or flimsy mattresses, the Airstream trailer uses real wood and quality mattresses and cushions. Again, it goes back to quality. Instead of using cheaper, less durable components, Airstream only uses first-class components that provide years of durability and enjoyment. The attention to quality and detail can be seen throughout the Airstream design.

And towing is a breeze with the Airstream’s low center of gravity, which helps keep them stable on the road. Airstream owners really appreciate how easily they can change lanes and even maneuver around objects in the road when pulling their Airstream.

Plus, the Airstream was “green” before it was even popular to be green. Although an estimated 60-70% of all Airstreams are still in use today (according to the Airstream website), the Airstream trailer is mostly made of aluminum, wood and steel, which are all completely recyclable.

So if you are looking for travel trailers for sale or have already decided to look for an Airstream for sale, then visit Out of Doors Mart in Colfax, NC. We have an extensive selection of travel trailers for sale, including Airstream. Call us at 866-636-2267 or 336-993-4518 and let us help you find the best trailer for your traveling adventures.

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