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A Closer Look at the Airstream Nest

Airstream’s newest model is truly unique, unlike any travel trailer before it, by Airstream or any other manufacturer. The Nest departs from the shiny aluminum exterior that is the trademark of Airstream while still maintaining the streamlined aerodynamic shape that makes it easy to haul. It’s a brand new design that channels the original goal of the brand’s founder—to be compact and light for towing while including modern conveniences and comforts. If you’re looking for Airstreams for sale in NC, check out the Nest at Out of Doors Mart.

The Nest’s Sleek, Stylish Exterior Looks Great Out on the Road and at the Campsite

The iconic shiny exterior of the Airstream has lasted for decades, but modern times called for a makeover. Made of fiberglass, the two-toned exterior of the Nest is still sleek and stylish when on the road and still stands out parked in the campground.

You Can Tow the Nest with a Passenger Vehicle like a Mid-sized SUV

Fiberglass is extremely durable and lightweight, making The Nest towable by a vehicle no larger than a midsize SUV. Once you park and set up camp, you’ll have a reasonably sized towing vehicle to leave the campsite and do some sightseeing.

Plush Interior with a Smart Layout Makes the Nest Feel Homey

There are two-floor plans to choose from. The 16FB has a fixed bed with a Tuft and Needle® adaptive foam mattress that sleeps two comfortably. The 16U has a U-shaped dinette that converts into a bed that also comfortably sleeps two. The fixed bed model still has a storable table that can also double as an additional meal prep surface. A two-burner stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator, and storage space make the kitchen fully functional. The wet bath includes shower, toilet, and smart features such as enclosed storage and a built-in soap dispenser. Every inch of the Nest was strategically designed to maximize space.

Enjoy a Spontaneous, Romantic Weekend Excursion

The Nest is ideal for couples who want to get away and enjoy the sights along the way as well as the destination. The Nest makes long distance traveling exciting as well as comfortable. Conveniently placed Bluetooth LED lights, USB and 110V charging ports, and energy-efficient blackout curtains for privacy are just some of the Nest’s modern comforts.

Take that Family Camping Trip in Style and Comfort

It’s not necessary to pitch a tent and sleep on the ground to have quality bonding time. You can enjoy the outdoors in comfort with the Nest by Airstream. The bed sleeps two comfortably, and can even accommodate an adult and two children. Strengthen your family bonds with some quality time away from home in the Nest.

Find a variety of Airstreams for sale in NC at Out of Doors Mart.

You can find the Nest as well as other models of Airstreams for sale in NC at Out of Doors Mart. The inventory includes a wide variety of new and used models. If you’ve been looking for the right travel trailer for short trips and weekend excursions, the Nest is made for you. Call (336) 993-4518 to inquire about inventory or visit 8510 Norcross Road in Colfax, NC, to see what’s available.

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