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Airstreams for Sale: Are They the Best Choice for You?

By Out-of-Doors Mart on May 18th, 2016 in Tips

The iconic silver travel trailer packs a lot of benefits into its construction. Airstreams are unparalleled in the trailer market and considered by many to be the ‘best of the best.’ From style to durability they are the top choice for many travelers. So what makes Airstream the #1 travel trailer in the world?

Airstreams for sale these days are still lightweight

You may remember the classic photograph in the 1940s of a cyclist pulling an Airstream with his bike. This was to showcase that Airstreams are manufactured to be lightweight travel trailers. They are so lightweight you can tow them with your car right up to your mountain retreat.

They are also aerodynamic. Consider how much you’ll save on gas pulling a lightweight aerodynamic travel trailer with your car across the country. But travelers aren’t all about just saving money, they want to make some great memories and have some adventure — and they want to do it all in style.

Airstreams are just plain cool

Gone are the days of safe neutrals and outdated décor. Airstreams offer a playful mix of modern design and retro style that is just plain fun.

The large windows that are artfully integrated into that shiny sleek bullet exterior of an Airstream are just a few of the many aspects of its charm. Many buyers are taken by surprise they walk into the spacious and stylish interiors of Airstreams. With trendy interior design, contemporary flooring, chic cabinetry, stainless steel fixtures, and more, you can travel in style with an Airstream.

Despite its roomy interior, the Airstream is slim — not bulky — so that it can easily fit into tight spots at the campgrounds or under bridges. Once they are on the road, travelers discover that they have more options, and thus more freedom, with these unique travel trailers.

Airstreams have permanent sleep solutions

Sleep is one of the most important factors for a traveler. It is the refueling you will need to ensure you’re energized and ready for the next day’s itinerary. You spent your energy exploring, and Airstreams make sure when you’re ready for bed, the bed is ready for you.

Airstreams these days offer permanent sleep solutions. Inside the spacious silver bullet are beds that you don’t have to “assemble,” and you don’t have to squeeze into tight spaces with a sleeping bag like you do with some campers or travel trailers. Depending on how many are joining in your journey, these travel trailers also come in a variety of sizes to fulfill your entire group’s wanderlust — plus plenty of room to sleep when the day is done.

Airstreams come in a variety of sizes

Besides reminiscing over movies they’ve appeared in, or admiring NASA’s loyalty to them, there’s more to an Airstream than glitz and glamour. Made with quality material to ensure durability and longevity, they also offer a variety of sizes and options to suit your voyaging needs:

2016 Series Traveler # People Length
Land Yacht Series Built for the luxurious traveler 2-5 28 feet
Eddie Bauer Series Built for those who eat, sleep, and dream outdoors 2-5 25-28 feet
International Series Built for the relaxing traveler 2-6 19-30 feet
Classic Series Built for the long-term adventurer 2-5 31 feet
Flying Cloud Series Built for families / Our Most popular model 2-8 19-30 feet
Sport Series Built for weekend wanderers 2-4 16-21 feet


Whether large or small, simple or with all the bells and whistles; you can find the Airstream series that is just right for you.

And with amazingly high resale value, they are a very popular choice for shrewd travelers.

These are just a few of the benefits Airstreams have to offer. Seeing one is needing one — and you’ve got to see one for yourself.

Out of Doors Mart will help you find the perfect Airstream for your family

In 1931, Airstream began with a dream to create lightweight travel trailers that slipped cleanly through the wind. This latest fleet of Airstreams continues the tradition of extraordinary design and handcrafted quality that has made them world-famous.

Out of Doors Mart is the longest running Airstream dealer in the world. We have an array of 2016 Airstreams to suit your style and needs. Our brand new inventory starts in the low 50s. See our pre-owned inventory as well. Are you ready to begin a new journey? Out of Doors Mart wants to get you there. Call us today at (336) 993-4518.

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