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Are There Airstream Copycats?

By Out-of-Doors Mart on July 1st, 2021 in Airstream Blog

The Airstream name carries some serious credibility in the recreational vehicle market. In fact, it would be easy to argue that Airstream is the best-known name in the industry, and the brand with a reputation that stands above the rest. Given the popularity and longevity of this brand, it only makes sense that competitors would try to imitate the formula that has made Airstream such a lasting success.


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Imitation is Flattery

It’s the iconic aluminum exterior of Airstream Trailers that is so well-recognized across the country, and plenty of other brands over the years have tried to cash in on that recognition. Despite not carrying the Airstream badge, these other models have attempted to grab a share of the market by creating similar products. Unfortunately for them, there is much more to an Airstream than just the aluminum exterior. Creating a trailer as comfortable, durable, and enjoyable as an Airstream takes experience and expertise that the copycats just can’t match.


Authentic Quality

One of the main reasons it’s impossible to replicate what is offered by a genuine Airstream is the sheer level of quality that goes into each trailer. There’s a reason these trailers are often seen out on the roads decades after they were constructed – they are built to last, plain and simple. When you purchase a real Airstream travel trailer, you can expect to receive a product that meets the absolute highest of standards.


If a new company comes into the market and attempts to model their products after the Airstream style, they always fall short of that lofty quality standard. The experience that Airstream has in this industry can’t be faked, and neither can notable touches like furniture designed and built specifically for Airstream models, or the high-quality materials used throughout each trailer.


Get It Right from the Start

Don’t be tempted to spend your money on a copycat Airstream when you can go directly to the brand that has built its reputation from the ground up, one trailer at a time. Sure, a copycat might offer a shiny exterior shell that looks vaguely similar to an actual Airstream, but that’s just about where the similarities will end. In the long run, you’ll wish you had invested your money in an authentic Airstream, rather than a trailer that looks kind of like an Airstream from a distance.


At Airstream of Greensboro, you’ll be able to see the Airstream difference for yourself, up close and personal. These are quality trailers that offer an assortment of features and creature comforts. Whether you plan to use your trailer for exploring the wilderness and the endless rural areas that this country offers, or you simply want to use it as a hotel on wheels when seeing tourist sites in big cities, going with a real Airstream is going to deliver a memorable experience.

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