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Best Accessories for Daily Use in your RV

By Out-of-Doors Mart on January 20th, 2020 in Tips

Best Accessories for Daily Use in your RVHave you been on the lookout for RVs for sale in Winston-Salem, NC? RV living is a very different lifestyle than living in a stationary home. Life on the road requires certain items that can make your everyday life much easier. Here are some of the best accessories for daily use in your RV. 

Walkie Talkies

If you have more than one vehicle or family traveling together, it can be helpful to have a walkie talkie for when the cell signal isn’t strong enough. It’s also helpful for the kids to have one while they explore the campground so you can call them back. 

Water Filter

There are a few different kinds of water filters that can come in handy. First, a water filter for the water coming into your RV from the campground’s water supply is helpful to make sure the water you use for showering and washing your dishes is clean. You’ll also want a drinking water filter. 

Instant Pot

Cooking using an instant pot is a great way to make meals quickly. When you can’t have a crockpot plugged in all day and the weather isn’t good for grilling, you can make some great meals inside your RV using an instant pot. 

Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll want some kind of coffee maker. A Keurig works well for single-cup use. 

Portable Grill

When the weather is conducive to cooking outside, you’ll want a grill that is easy to start-up and easy to store when you’re done. 

Propane Fire Pit

Some state and national parks and campgrounds prohibit wood fires for various reasons. A propane fire pit allows you to have the ambiance of a campfire. 

Cell Signal Booster

You may need to boost your cell signal in order to support enough devices or to speed up your internet connection. 

Battery Pack for Charging Devices

You’ll likely have many instances where you need to charge phones or run electronics when you don’t have access to power, and that’s when the battery pack will come in handy. 

Head Lamp

Basically a flashlight you wear on your head, a headlamp is incredibly useful. You have your hands free and the light shines on whatever you’re looking at or working on. 

Collapsible Trash Can

It’s similar to a collapsing laundry basket. It pops up, you place a bag inside, then you pull the bag out when it’s full, throw it away, and collapse the trash can back to a flat, easy to store circle. It offers the bag some support so it won’t fall over and spill out. 

Backup Camera

Newer RVs for sale in Winston-Salem, NC are often equipped with these, but adding one to your older RV can be extremely helpful for backing out of parking spaces and campsites. 

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