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Camping in Style: Tips for Sprucing Up Your Old RV

By Out-of-Doors Mart on August 15th, 2017 in Tips

Do you have an old, outdated RV? Perhaps the old family RV needs a new look. Or maybe you’re purchasing a used camper that could use a facelift. You may think your camper doesn’t need to look nice, it’s just for camping after all. But if you and your family will be spending an extended period of time in it, you’ll be surprised at the difference a little redecorating can make.

RV interior

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Repaint the Exterior

The exterior of your camper is what others will see as you travel the open road. It makes a statement for all to see. If you own an Airstream, the riveted aluminum exterior will look great with very little upkeep, but if you own a different brand, the exterior could start to show its age.

A new paint job can give your RV a unique look. Feel free to show a little personality. Not only will it stand out from the other RVs in the park, but you’ll have an easier time finding yours when it’s time to bed down for the night.

Home Sweet Home: The Interior Should Make You Feel Relaxed and Comfortable

You will spend a good many days in these rather close quarters. Be sure to decorate in a way that feels relaxing and comfortable. Choose colors you like and the rest of your family can agree on. Use plush, yet durable materials that are comfortable but can stand up to the rigors of camping. Try focusing on the following areas to start.

  • Dining area. You are sure to eat some meals in your camper. If your table and seats are outdated, consider replacing the tabletop or reupholstering the seats. You could even replace a dinette with an actual table and chairs. Do whatever makes it feel more comfortable and look more stylish.
  • Walls. There are many different options for interior walls from paint, to wallpaper, to paneling. Choose paint colors that are light but subdued and avoid bold colors. Subtler colors and patterns make a small space look bigger, as opposed to bright colors and busy patterns that can make the walls seem to close in. If you choose paneling, use lighter colors to make it seem more spacious inside.
  • Floors. Replace old carpeting with new carpet or even laminate or vinyl flooring. Hard floors are more durable to the dirt and dampness that often gets tracked in while camping. If you do go with carpet, pick a dark color or pattern and a durable texture that is made to withstand a possible indoor/outdoor space.
  • Furniture. It’s hard to overlook outdated upholstery since the seats are one of the biggest surface areas in your camper. Consider reupholstering all of the seating areas from front seats to benches. This is another place where subtle colors and patterns tend to look best.

Used Campers For Sale in NC Can Look New with a Few Improvements

If you want to save money on an RV, buying used is a worthwhile option. Quality brands of RVs last so long they tend to outlive their own style. Simple improvements to the interior and exterior of used campers for sale in NC can make them seem like new and feel more like home. Visit Out of Doors Mart today and find a used RV you can make your own.

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