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Can You Live in an Airstream in the Winter?

By Out-of-Doors Mart on September 16th, 2021 in Airstream Blog

As more and more people decide to turn their RVs into full-time homes, questions come up about how this works from a practical perspective. If you are thinking about calling an Airstream home, or if you simply want to travel in the colder winter months, this article will provide some basic direction and information.

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Safety First, Always

Before getting into some tips on how to comfortably spend a winter in your Airstream, the importance of safety should be highlighted. Icy roads are common in many areas during the winter months and pulling a trailer can make driving on such roads even more dangerous. Don’t take chances with your Airstream on a risky winter road – wait until conditions improve before making your trip. Also, remember that the ground around your Airstream in the campground could be frozen and slippery. Walk with care whenever the temperatures drop down around the freezing mark.

Some Winter Alterations

As is, your Airstream trailer should serve as a comfortable winter trailer. It offers heat, is well built, and has comfortable places to sit and sleep. With that said, you can make some basic additions to keep more heat inside the trailer during the coldest of nights. Specifically, look for places to add some additional insulation where heat may be lost. That means windows and vents. Look into purchasing insulating curtains to go in front of the windows and consider adding cushions for the vents in the ceiling to prevent valuable warm air from escaping.

Packing Properly

Perhaps the most important piece of this puzzle is stocking up your Airstream with the right supplies to get through the winter comfortably. Not surprisingly, a few warm blankets are a good place to start. When you settle in for the evening, covering up in a warm blanket will reduce the amount of work the heater has to do to keep you comfortable. Blankets are affordable and don’t require power, so they are one of the best supplies to have along for the journey.

Of course, warm clothes are just as important as warm blankets. Not only will you need to dress warmly when you venture out, but you also may want to wear some of your warm gear inside the trailer when it’s particularly cold outside. In terms of food, consider preparing to cook hot meals that will help you warm up from the inside out. Cold food may not sound particularly appealing when temperatures are cold outside, and any small thing you can do to get more comfortable is worth keeping in mind. With the right supplies, and a good plan for how you will spend your time during a cold winter, spending time in an Airstream can be a rewarding experience no matter what the calendar says.

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