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Can You Live in an Airstream?

By Out-of-Doors Mart on February 5th, 2021 in Airstream Blog

Airstream GlobetrotterLiving full-time in an RV has become more and more popular in recent years. So, can you live full-time in an Airstream? Well, the answer is simple – of course you can. Just as with any other kind of RV, you can live in your Airstream if you make some smart decisions and organize your life appropriately.


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Covering the Basics

As a starting point for this discussion, it can be said that an Airstream Travel Trailer will certainly cover the basic needs that you have to live on a day-to-day basis. You will be making some sacrifices along the way – and we’ll touch on those in a moment – but there is no doubt that living in an Airstream can cover your needs without any trouble.


In a standard Airstream trailer, you will have a place to cook, a place to go to the bathroom, and a place to sleep. Also, you’ll have a roof over your head at night, and plenty of other creature comforts. If you are happy living in a smaller space than a conventional home would offer, there is little standing between you and living the Airstream life.


Understanding the Limitations

It would be foolish to rush into full-time Airstream living without first thinking about some of the drawbacks that you are going to experience. To be sure, there are some luxuries that you will be giving up if you move out of a house and into a travel trailer. Those include:


  • Storage space. You won’t have a bunch of closets to store extra stuff, and you certainly won’t have a garage to keep piles of boxes. Some people will see this limitation as a drawback, while others will find it freeing and a good reason to get rid of a lot of their stuff.
  • Close quarters. It’s hard to get your own space when you live in a trailer. If you are living with a significant other, for example, you might feel cramped at times – especially if you are in a cool climate where winter days are short.
  • Lacking roots. Some people are surprised that the freedom of living in a travel trailer doesn’t feel as good as they expected when dreaming of this lifestyle. It works for many people, of course, but some will miss the sense of home they had previously.

A Personal Decision

In the end, we can say this – buying a new or used Airstream and transitioning to a full-time nomadic lifestyle is absolutely possible. But it is not for everyone. Think it through carefully and weigh all of the pros and cons before you decide how you’ll proceed. Of course, if you do decide to live life on the road, you couldn’t have a better partner than a well-built, reliable Airstream.

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