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Fun Road Trip Games

By Out-of-Doors Mart on September 15th, 2017 in Tips

Planning a road trip with a map.Taking a trip in your RV soon? Looking for ways to pass the time? Whether you’re driving across the country with the kids or taking a road trip with your college besties, playing games in the car is a must. Here are some road trip games to play that will make the drive feel shorter and a whole lot more fun.

License Plate Search. Keep a list of the license plates you see along your drive. See if you can find one from every state. You can even bring a map of the US and keep a tally of how many license plates you see from each state.

The Song Association Game. Got a car full of singers? One person sings a line from a song. The next person must use one word from that line to sing a line from another song containing that word. Play continues until someone can’t think of another song containing any of the words used. Then start over with a new song.

The Movie Game. Got some movie buffs in your crew? The first person names an actor or actress. The next person names a movie they were in. The next person names another actor or actress from that movie. The next person names a movie that actor was in. Play continues until someone fails to come up with another movie or actor. Start over with a new actor.

Punch Buggy/Slug Bug/Hug Bug. A classic game that never gets old. When you see a Volkswagen Beetle you “punch” (gently of course) the person next to you and say either “Punch buggy, no punch backs” or “Slug bug.” If you prefer a more gentle approach, the punch can be pretend or you can change the game to “Hug bug” and give hugs instead. You can tally up who gets the most for the duration of the trip.

True or False. Tell either a true story or a made up story and let others guess whether it’s true or false. It can be about yourself or anything at all.

2 Truths and 1 Lie. Tell two true facts about yourself and one that is a lie. Others must try and guess which one is the lie.

The Alphabet Game. Write the letters A-Z on a piece of paper. Looking out the window as you drive, try and spot things that start with each letter. Try to find something for each letter of the alphabet before arriving at your destination. You can start by looking for an Airstream travel trailer (or count your own).

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