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Road Trip Photography Tips to Capture the Best Memories

By Out-of-Doors Mart on April 8th, 2019 in Tips

When you take a trip with your family and friends, one of the best parts is remembering all the best moments. Although the way we capture those moments may have changed in many ways over the years, the innate desire to record our memories never does. And some of the best memories can be made (and more easily captured) when the whole family travels together in an RV. Before you head out on a road trip this year, consider looking at motorhomes for sale in NC at Out of Doors Mart. And then follow these photography tips to capture the memories like a pro.  

Make the Most of your Phone’s Camera 

Nearly every cell phone these days has a built-in camera. Smart phone cameras have some amazing features that allow you to take professional quality photos with your phone. Take some time before you go to play around with the features such as live, panoramic, portrait, time lapse, and more. The editing features are pretty neat as well, allowing you to touch up pictures and add filters. The key here: you don’t need an expensive camera to take good photos.  

Bring a Tripod to Take your Photography to the Next Level 

If you do plan to use a quality camera, a tripod will make a big difference in many situations. Tripods eliminate hand shakiness, make it possible to take pictures of your entire group, and allow you to set up shots just the way you want them. Tripods fold up to be compact and can easily fit in small storage spaces. It’s definitely worth bringing. 

Use the Grid Option for Proper Spacing and Alignment of Photo Features 

Most cameras have a grid option that will put vertical and horizontal lines on your screen like a tic tac toe board to help you line up your shots (for your iPhone it’s in your camera settings). You don’t always want people or objects right in the center of your shot. The grid allows you to divide your view into thirds. Put the main focus of your picture in the top or bottom third, or the right or left third. When photographing landscapes, put the horizon in either the top or bottom third.  

Never Miss a Moment: Always be Ready to Snap 

This is one way your phone camera comes in handy. If your phone is in your pocket or in your hand, you’ll always be ready to capture any memorable moment as it happens. Wear your camera around your neck if you prefer a professional camera over your phone. You’ll be ready at a moment’s notice to snap the best photos. 

Motorhomes for Sale in NC are Waiting to Make your Trip Even More Memorable this Year  

An RV makes it possible to stop and stay anywhere out on the road. Take in the gorgeous landscapes and natural beauty of the world around you. Wake up among the trees, on the water, or at the foothills of the mountains and capture the memories. Find motorhomes for sale in NC at Out of Doors Mart and hit the open road. Call (336) 993-4518 or visit 8510 Norcross Road in Colfax, NC.  

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