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Rockwood Roo

Proof that amazing things come in small, affordable packages, the Rockwood Roo is truly unique. This travel trailer meets pop-up camper gives you a lot of value for your investment. Countless features, standard options that feel like upgrades, and plenty of space in a lightweight trailer makes the Roo a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and travelers of all kinds. Download the 2019 Rockwood Roo brochure.

Rockwood Roo

What Makes the Rockwood Roo Unique?

Rockwood travel trailers are known for their expandability with panels that slide out to offer additional interior space when parked and slide back in for aerodynamic benefits when moving. Pop-up campers, with their canvas-covered extensions, offer additional aerodynamic advantages when collapsed. Combine these elements and you get the Rockwood Roo. The slide-out sleeping areas are soft-covered like a pop-up, so less space is needed to collapse and store them when you’re ready to move. Yet the main four walls of the travel trailer are still solid, with optional slide-out panels for the kitchen and dinette.

Spend Less Time Setting up Camp and More Time Enjoying the Destination

Setup and breakdown is much faster with the Roo than with a pop-up camper. Gone are the old days of cranking your pop-up camper as it creaks its way slowly upward. Simply park your Roo, slide out all expandable panels, and you’re ready to go. The interior is surprisingly spacious once fully expanded. There’s plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy time together out of the elements when necessary.

The Roo Let’s You Be Closer to Nature

Camping is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, sights, and sounds of the natural world. The Roo makes it easier to do just that. The soft covered bed spaces allow you to commune with nature as you drift off to sleep to sound of crickets, owls, and soft night breezes. You still remain dry and comfortable due to the waterproof coverings and indoor climate control.

Numerous Options in Floor Plans and Interior Décor

With 9 different floor plans available, you are sure to find a layout that works for you. You choose the number of slide-out panels you need from beds to the kitchen to the dinette. Bathroom size and layout varies between models as well. Each slide-out panel offers additional storage beneath. The color pallet and patterns for the interior décor are up to you with three different styles to choose from. Wood accents, countertops, and flooring are all part of the interior décor package you choose. Make your travel trailer feel more like home when you incorporate your own style and tastes.

Same Rockwood Quality at a Value

The same quality materials and craftsmanship go into every Rockwood travel trailer model. The Roo offers more features and amenities for the price than other comparable campers, considering all the advantages from easy towing to expandable interior space. The Roo makes it possible to hit the road at a moment’s notice so you’ll never miss an opportunity for adventure.

Visit Out of Doors Mart just off I-40 at 8510 Norcross Road in Colfax, NC, to see this expandable hybrid travel trailer yourself.

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