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RVing 101: 10 Terms to get Familiar with

By Out-of-Doors Mart on February 26th, 2019 in Tips

Are you new to RV traveling? When you’re just starting out and you talk with other more experienced RVers, you may find that you don’t understand all of the terms they use when referring to camping. You may also run in to the same problem when you’re shopping for your first RV. Most travel trailer dealers in NC will ask you right off the bat if you’re a first time RVer or not, and then adjust their conversational jargon accordingly. But you may still find it easier to know some of the basic terminology before you purchase an RV or at least before you hit the open road. Here are some important RV terms to get familiar with. 

Boondocking. This refers to camping without hookups such as water, sewer, and electricity. Also referred to as dry camping, RVs are designed to make this possible for certain amounts of time.  

Moochdocking. Similar to boondocking, but this is when you park your RV on someone else’s land (with permission) such as family or friends. 

Wallydocking. Boondocking in a Walmart parking lot (select stores allow this).  

Toad. A vehicle that is towed behind your RV is called a “toad” for short. You bring your toad along so that once you set up camp you can still drive around the area to site see.  

Dinghy. Like your toad, this is the vehicle you tow along behind your RV for getting around once you park the camper. 

Fiver. A 5th wheel travel trailer, the kind that has an anchor that attaches inside a truck bed rather than using a traditional trailer hitch. 

Gray Water. Your sink, shower, and other waste water—everything not flushed down the toilet. This water should be disposed of according to local laws in the area where you are traveling.  

Black Water. This is your toilet water, which definitely has to be properly disposed of according to law. RV campgrounds typically have sewer hookups where this tank can be drained.  

Sticks and Bricks. RVers often refer to buildings on permanent foundations as “stick and bricks” as opposed to mobile homes and travel trailers. 

Silver Bullet. Airstream. Because of their traditional shiny aluminum exterior, Airstream trailers have been dubbed “silver bullets.” 

FHU. This is an acronym for Full Hook Ups, including water, sewer, and electric. 

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