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The Airstream Basecamp

Pack as much fun as possible into one sleek, compact travel trailer. The Basecamp may be the smallest Airstream travel trailer, but it is still packed with plenty of features to make your home away from home comfortable. If you prefer to go off the grid when you camp, you will appreciate the simplicity of the Basecamp. Download the 2019 Airstream Basecamp brochure.

View the New 2017 Airstream Basecamp Brochure or visit the Airstream Basecamp page.


Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer

  • Compact. Enjoy an easy drive and effortlessly pull into any rustic campsite with this small-scale travel trailer.
  • Easy to tow. The Basecamp can be towed behind a long list of mid-size SUVs. No need for a large, gas-guzzling tow vehicle. Less cumbersome than other longer travel trailers, you can tow the Basecamp with virtually no previous towing experience, making it a great choice for novice campers.
  • Aerodynamic. The iconic rounded aluminum exterior combined with its compact size allows this trailer to glide through the air with less wind resistance for a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency.
  • Affordable. Among Airstream models, the Basecamp is the most economically-priced. The necessary comforts without excessive bells and whistles makes one of the lowest priced Airstreams. It’s an ideal first time travel trailer for those who are new to trailer camping.
  • Durable. The aluminum exterior holds up against road debris and the usual wear and tear of travel on the open road and off the beaten path. The interior is comprised of strong materials that are made to withstand the effects of the outdoors when they are tracked in.
  • Stylish. The exterior body style of the Basecamp is unique. It stands out from all other Airstream models as well as other manufacturers and models of travel trailers out on the road. The interior is simple yet attractive, with every part of the décor designed to be as comfortable and durable as it is stylish.
  • Surprisingly spacious. When you step inside the Basecamp, you will find it difficult to believe that it’s the same model you saw from the outside. Every spare inch of space is maximized to be functional while still remaining open and spacious inside. From the colors and patterns on surfaces to the intelligent design of the floorplan, the Basecamp is smartly planned out. It can even be further expanded with tents that can be added onto the door or rear of the trailer to offer additional sleeping space, storage, or shelter.

One Floor Plan Offers Everything You Need

With an exterior length of only 16 feet 3 inches, the Basecamp comes in one floorplan that incorporates everything necessary for a weekend (or longer) away from home. Bed, bathroom, dining/living area, and kitchen–the essentials are all there. The dining/living area converts into a bed that comfortably sleeps two. The kitchen is complete with sink, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and storage. You can even have a hot shower in the bathroom that includes a toilet and sink. Air conditioning and heat keeps you comfortable in any climate zone you travel to. Who would have thought you could get this many features in such a small camper?

If you’re ready for outdoor adventure, the Airstream Basecamp is ready to take you wherever you want to go. Visit Out of Doors Mart at 8510 Norcross Rd in Colfax or call (336) 993-4518.

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