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Ventcover Replacement Guide

By Out-of-Doors Mart on February 11th, 2014 in Tips

The purpose of this RV tip is to illustrate what replacement vent cover to get for your RV vent.

The vent openings (the opening when the vent is removed ) in most RV’s(Motor Homes, Travel Trailers 5th Wheels, and Popup’s) is a 14″ by 14″ opening. here are an assortment of manufactures who make products that will fit into this opening. Those manufactures include Ventline™, Jensen™ with aftermarket replacement from Camco™, just to name a few. The vents range from between 13-3/8 to 13-5/8 in.


inside trim
vent removed

The thing you need to know when it comes to replacing the vent cover is,”what does the hinge look like?” If your hinge looks like the picture shown below left, then the vent cover shown below right is the one you need.

vent hinge
vent hinge replacement
This vent cover fits this vent

At our parts counter we continually find that people remove their whole vent only to find the vent cover is obtainable. For the most part, all you need to know is what your hinge looks like to get the replacement on about 90% of all vents.

Listed below are the four most popular vents and the replacement options.



Click here for (New Jensen style) made by Elixir 31-1778





Click here for the Ventline/New Elixir 63113
Click here for the Ventline w/Large Bubble top for the(Ventline/newElixir) style vent. 31-1646
Click here for Metal vent cover made by Ventline. It fits the (Ventline/newElixir) style vent. 60759








Click here for (Old Jensen style) made by Ventline. 63110


Click here for (Old Jensen style) made by Camco. 31-4163  

Old Eilixer

(Old style Elixir) by Camco- Lifetime Warrant 31-4168



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