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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia - Out of Doors MartThe Virginia Beach-Chesapeake area is undeniably one of the country’s most visually striking areas. This gorgeous coastal space draws in tourists by the droves for good reason: the weather is fantastic, the scenery is worth writing home about and there is plenty to do. 

Opportunities for Fun in the Virginia Beach Area

Whether you are from the area or visiting, you will have no shortage of options in terms of activities, fine dining, entertainment, shopping and other attractions in the Virginia Beach-Chesapeake area. This locale is particularly well known for its seafood. From oysters to clams, blue crabs and beyond, this water-laden area presents innumerable fishing opportunities. Even if you are not into fishing, you will certainly enjoy a plate of tasty fish at one of the Virginia Beach-Chesapeake Area restaurants. The abundance of water presents additional opportunities aside from fishing for fun under the sun. From sailing to boating, water sports, crabbing, kayaking and beyond, there are all sorts of enjoyable activities for family members of all ages.

Be sure to check out Chesapeake Beach in Virginia. Also referred to as Chick’s Beach or Chic’s Beach, this string of beaches extends two miles west of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and the Lynnhaven Inlet. This local highlight started as a lookout post during wartime America yet eventually became a hotbed for recreational fun. The area features the popular Buoy 44 Restaurant, beach cottages and a beach community with myriad activities. Whether you are looking for a delicious meal, a scenic place to walk or jogging trails, you will find them here. The Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base on the western side of the community connects expansive lengths of undeveloped beaches that are home to dolphins and other forms of marine life. Spend some time boating on the four lakes, sailing along the Bay, paddleboarding, kayaking or jet skiing and you will be counting the days until you return to this amazing place.

Landmarks of Note

Virginia Beach, Virginia - Out of Doors MartThe Virginia Beach-Chesapeake Area has much more than beaches and refreshing water. This coastal city has its fair share of landmarks that impress visitors and locals alike. The area’s First Landing Cross, positioned at the northern end of the beach, was put in place back in 1935 to honor the arrival of English settlers to the area in 1607. These settlers sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on three diminutive ships, put the aforementioned cross in place and went on to build quite a successful society. 

First Landing State Park is another popular local landmark. Spanning nearly 3,000 acres, this park stretches across more than a full mile of beach, includes 19 miles worth of hiking trails, freshwater ponds, a salt marsh habitat, a cypress swamp, dunes, and tidal marsh. First Landing is by far the state’s most visited state park. If you prefer entertainment and shopping over checking out historical sites, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is right up your alley. This 28-foot wide space covers three miles. Here, you will find a spacious bike path for biking, rollerblading and walking. Visit during the summer to enjoy live music and other forms of entertainment at the Boardwalk’s oceanfront stages. Continue strolling the boardwalk and you will find an abundance of shopping and dining opportunities.

Last but not least is the oddly-named Mount Trashmore Park. This park has 165 acres filled with everything from lakes to man-made mountains, playgrounds, multi-use pathways, and even a skate park. The primary mountain was constructed with the use of compacted layers of clean soil and solid waste. Waste was used as this site used to function as a landfill. Even if you do not want to ascend one of the two mountains, you will have a great story to tell and pictures to show off on social media.

In Search of an Airstream in Virginia Beach for Sale? 

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